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Now Available - Leading Performance - Intellectual Innovations
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Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed

I’m excited to announce that my new book “Leading Performance…Because It Can’t Be Managed” is now available.

It’s a book that addresses all of the issues facing leadership today, and it can help a leader or a company change the narrative on leading people.

The book brings clarity to the problems.

It gives solutions that just simply have not been offered to the market in the past. And, there’s a field guide for execution so you don’t have to just get ideas, you get step-by-step methods to be able to improve and turn into true leaders of people.

You can buy it here >>>

Drew Yancey, PhD and I are already receiving great feedback!

– Larry

What People Are Saying

“10 pages in and I’m already in love with the book!” Jessica Jung – President at Oswald Companies

“It is no surprise that it is a tremendous read and filled with practical advice on bringing clarity through your Reverse Performance Leadership system. We are excited to implement these ideas within our organization and have a meeting on the calendar tomorrow morning with a core team to set the stage and get the ball rolling.” Jim Kapnick – CEO at Kapnick Insurance

“The greatest value you can give your clients is to help them lead their employees to elite performance! This book not only brings clarity to the issues with traditional leadership models but it also provides an applicable system for change. I’ve seen the results of Reverse Performance Leadership in my past roles working with Larry, and have also personally benefited from these exact concepts when he led me!” Pat Sitkins – Founder & CEO at Adaptive Jax

“I really enjoyed the premise and content of your book. The message is very relevant given the employee retention challenges occurring right now. You lay out a good foundation for the reason to change performance management systems and deliver on a step-by-step primer to implement your system. I look forward to buying final copies of the book to get these ideas instilled in my team!” William Rue Jr. – President at Rue Insurance

Book Synopsis

Modern employees are tired of command and control management. Employees are looking for personal growth, purpose, and a different lifestyle than prior generations of employees. These employees are in a market where they can have flexibility in how they work and where they work. They want and can demand choices in the work environment.

This new workforce must be lead differently. We must lead them with clear expectations that are objective vs subjective and provide the support, tools, and development necessary to grow within our firms. If we do not, they will move on and find growth elsewhere. Great companies will be the ones who find and keep the best talent.

“Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed” explains the current work environment, then describes a model of leadership (Reverse Performance Leadership) that provides objective clarity of performance expectations for any position and potentially the first performance management system that builds better managers, leaders, and employees. The real gem is the field guide breaking down every detail of how to create objective expectations, leadership process, compensation, hiring, developmental plans, and success stories to build a custom performance leadership system.

Message from the Author

Free Resources

Learn more about the new book by Larry Linne, and download free Performance Objectives Templates here >>>