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Our partners back in 2008. Talk about a throwback!


Fort Collins, CO
Jacksonville Beach, FL


How much is it to join the Community?

$500 per year gets you full access to all of our member resources.

Can I use the resources with my clients?

Yes! All member resources are yours to use. We hope they will bring your business as well as your clients’ businesses a lot of value.

Are there additional costs?

Your subscription gives you instant access to all member resources. We do have member-only offers (such as The Noise Reduction System™, private coaching and speaking events) that are available but not mandatory.

The Noise Reduction System™

NRS can be purchased as a separate one-time fee. You may purchase lifetime access to this full system and also have the ability to purchase. a license to resell it. The facilitator license comes with a full “train the trainer” video package as well.

Can you help me market and sell?

Unfortunately, we can not. Our mission to provide you with IP to drive your organization and you forward. We do not support members with sales & marketing, but can recommend a great resource to help you with your marekting strategy and execution

Can I hire Larry Linne to Speak at my event?

Yes! Please contact us for all speaking inquiries.

How often are new tools released?

Every month. We provide a new tool and training video every month to keep you fed with new ideas and resources. 

What if I lose my password?

Simply click “forgot password” on your member portal login page.

What is Intellectual Innovations?

Intellectual Innovations was founded in 2010 to create intellectual property for businesses and individuals. We look at where they are powerless and struggling and bring solutions to make things easy for them. Our intellectual property comes in the form of books, tools, courses, executive consulting/coaching, and speaking.

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9.5 Alive
Tim Tebow Foundation

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Fort Collins, CO
Jacksonville Beach, FL

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