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Business is Complex

Let’s Simplify it

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Navigating the decisions to grow a business and grow as an executive can be complex and overwhelming,  The crystal ball becomes very clear with enough of the right information.  

I do the things others will not and cannot do, because I want to accomplish things they will not and cannot accomplish!

This is not a place that will tell you that you are right.  It is not a place to confirm your bias.  This is a place where critical thinking, discomfort, simplification of systems, challenge, and big improvements await those who enter.

I have over 30 years of learning unique models of developing intellectual property that gets results for any business.  I am sharing those techniques and tools, and will create many more in our shared journey.

Join me in finding and capturing powerful information.

– Larry Linne

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Larry Linne


Larry G. Linne is one of the business world’s most innovative thinkers. Known for making the complex simple, Larry’s powerful thinking strategies combined with his broad and varied experiences has led to a significant, far-reaching career.

From pro football player to CEO of multiple companies to published author, Larry speaks to thousands of business leaders each year who run world-class organizations. His ideas and training tools have been implemented in businesses of all classifications, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

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IP Creation Tool

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property is something that makes you think differently about something.  It improves a process.  It improves a methodology. It improves or changes the way a product is used or the way that it's implemented. It changes...

The Noise Reduction System™

Creating Value as a First and Second in Command The typical first in command spends less than 20% of his/her time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization. The Noise Reduction System™ was created by Larry G. Linne from the book, “Make the Noise Go Away...

What Others Have Experienced

Larry challenges individuals and corporations alike to think and act differently. He is a master at dissecting the status quo, turning it on its’ head and rebuilding it in a more meaningful and impactful way. His ideas on selling are not just innovative, they are rooted in science and psychology. Larry brings a tremendous amount of passion to his work, and it is infectious. I am grateful to have Larry as a coach and mentor. He pushes me outside my comfort zone, and he has made me a better advisor. I recommend Larry for any organization or individual that wants to get to the next level of selling. Larry knows how to drive results, and he can help you do the same.

Carl B., Managing Director

Larry Linne has made a massive positive impact on our company culture and sales performance. His candid insights are honest and spot on. Complacency is a thing of the past once you work with Larry and the Incite team. He does this in a caring and compassionate way. Quite simply, he is a Rockstar!

Brian L., Chairman

I am very fortunate to be able to call Larry Linne a coach, and an advisor. Larry has an uncanny ability to cut through the clutter, assess the situation and identify issues at hand. He then brings tremendous creativity to the solution building process. This is all done in a very energetic, collaborative manner. Larry has helped me and our business significantly over the past five years.

David R., President & CEO

How to Lead the Modern Worforce

Modern employees are tired of command and control management.  Employees are looking for personal growth, purpose, and a different lifestyle than prior generations of employees.  These employees are in a market where they can have flexibility in how they work and where they work.  They want and can demand choices in the work environment.

This new workforce must be led differently.  We must lead them with clear expectations that are objective vs subjective and provide the support, tools, and development necessary to grow within our firms.  If we do not, they will move on and find growth elsewhere.  Great companies will be the ones who find and keep the best talent.

“Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed” explains the current work environment, then describes a model of leadership (Reverse Performance Leadership) that provides objective clarity of performance expectations for any position and potentially the first performance management system that builds better managers, leaders, and employees.  The real gem is the field guide breaking down every detail of how to create objective expectations, leadership process, compensation, hiring, developmental plans, and success stories to build a custom performance leadership system.

The Two Types of People in This World

Coming Early 2024!

“The Two Types of People in This World” aims to gain insight into the way people view the world, allowing them to pull from their experiences to focus their stories around one specific rallying point. What came from the discussions were some unbelievably powerful perspectives. 

This book will take you on a journey, and light a fire in you. At the end you will come to your own conclusions on the topic, and I promise you that you will be opened up to new ideas on how you perceive the world and interact with it. You’ll be able to identify with some of the answers and see where you bounce between each example and flow between the two sides of each one.

We will travel from the boardroom to the air. From the battlefield to the ball field. Onto slopes, to the court, on some of the biggest waves ever ridden, and onto the gridiron. From trails to podiums to television sets to the ice rink up to the big screen and down to the minute details that make life magical, you’ll hear stories of unthinkable success, terrible tragedy, the brink of defeat, triumphs, second-chances, and starting over.

Resigned to Success

Resigned to Success Using an Exit Plan to Build Hope, Energy, and Success in a Business In Resigned To Success – Using an Exit Plan to Build Hope, Energy, and Success in a Business, Scott White tells his remarkable story of how he successfully transitioned his business to the next generation by writing his post-dated resignation letter. He also shares how other team members had success on both sides of the transition. Scott’s resignation letter gave clarity to his people as to the future outcomes needed to allow him to eventually leave the business. His team was inspired to take on new roles, train, and reach results that allowed his successful departure. Scott includes great advice and guidance at the end of each chapter from his succession mentor, Larry Linne. Larry is a Certified Exit Planner who has helped hundreds of executives successfully accomplish business continuity and build remarkable legacies in their business. The insights on time needed and the clarity of what to think about in preparation for retirement are valuable takeaways in building a healthy business perpetuation.

The Power of an Effective Second-in-Command

Many entrepreneurs embrace the challenge of being their own boss; they desire freedom-both financial and temporal. But, often, the business consumes both time and money and ends up owning the owner. In Make the Noise Go Away, author Larry G. Linne discusses thirteen principles to help business owners reclaim their freedom. Written in parable style, Make the Noise Go Away follows business owner Jim Clancy and second-in-command Brett Giles at Golden Electric Supply. During a weekend retreat at a quiet mountain cabin, the two executives discuss the principles and strategies that make Jim’s noise-all the worries and concerns about his business-go away and allow Brett’s job to be more enjoyable and successful. They talk about important skills and concepts such as maintaining upward communication, setting priorities, practicing effective problem solving, and introducing new ideas. Targeted to both first- and second-in-commands, Make the Noise Go Away provides insights on decision-making skills, methods to protect and nurture great CEO ideas, and strategies for managing the perception of the business by important third parties. With concrete takeaways and tools for implementation, this guide helps clear the way for productivity and success for today’s business executives and their seconds-in-command.

Take Control of Your Reputation - Before Everyone Else Does!

Hands-on strategies for creating and protecting your personal brand (yes, you have one)

Think branding is just for large corporations, marketing directors, and cows? Think again. Each one of us has a brand – a personal brand, how others see us – which is shaped by what we do, say, write, and otherwise present ourselves to others.

We can’t fully control how others see us (smart, capable, compassionate, creative, fair). But many of us don’t even try. That is, we don’t take a moment to think about how we WANT to be perceived, and then take a few simple steps to bolster that impression with purposeful action.

This isn’t a book about manipulating others, putting on airs, or saying things you don’t really mean. It IS about using our words and actions mindfully, whether they take place in a conference room, PTA meeting, dinner party, Facebook comment thread, or anywhere else.

Using clear examples from businesses, families, and more, this straightforward guide presents essential advice for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s competitive and interconnected world.

What is Intellectual Innovations?

Intellectual Innovations was founded in 2010 to create intellectual property for businesses and individuals. We look at where they are powerless and struggling and bring solutions to make things easy for them. Our intellectual property comes in the form of books, tools, courses, executive consulting/coaching, and speaking.

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