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Leading Performance - Intellectual Innovations
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Book Launch

Leading Performance – Because It Can’t Be Managed


To find and retain top talent, organizations must change.

Modern employees are tired of command and control management.  Employees are looking for personal growth, purpose, and a different lifestyle than prior generations of employees.  These employees are in a market where they can have flexibility in how they work and where they work.  They want and can demand choices in the work environment.

This new workforce must be led differently.  We must lead them with clear expectations that are objective vs subjective and provide the support, tools, and development necessary to grow within our firms.  If we do not, they will move on and find growth elsewhere.  Great companies will be the ones who find and keep the best talent.

“Leading Performance… Because It Can’t Be Managed” explains the current work environment, then describes a model of leadership (Reverse Performance Leadership) that provides objective clarity of performance expectations for any position and potentially the first performance management system that builds better managers, leaders, and employees.  The real gem is the field guide breaking down every detail of how to create objective expectations, leadership process, compensation, hiring, developmental plans, and success stories to build a custom performance leadership system.

Core Principles from the Book

Part One

This segment addresses the reasons why performance cannot be managed. We address the problems that have brought us to our current employee-employer relationship.

Part Two

This segment provides clarity on how to solve the problems. Unique thought leadership is offered, and we give clarity on how to impact the performance of individuals at a high level.

Part Three

This segment will be a working guide for years to come. Step by step howto information on unique methods measuring almost anything guides on the frequency of meetings, sample performance objectives, success stories, and useful resources to build a successful performance leadership system.

Free Resources

As promised in the book, we have additional resources to support your reading.

Click here or below to receive Reverse Performance Management templates that you can use now.

Performance can no longer be managed.

Larry Linne Headshot

Larry G. Linne

Drew Yancey

Drew Yancey PhD

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