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Award-Winning Books

Our Executives have authored several award-winning books. Our two most popular Make the Noise Go Away Brand Aid are extremely valuable resources and have been described as “life-changing” by many.

Make The Noise Go Away

The Power of an Effective Second-in-Command
(Second Edition coming soon!)

Brand Aid

Taking Control of Your Reputation Before Everyone else Does!

About ii

You have a vision of where you would like to take your company. Yet with the complexities and noise you face daily, there might be uncertainty on the best way to get there. Not anymore…

Let us help you break through these complexities and reduce your noise.

The Noise Reduction System™

If you are anxious and too busy, feel as though you are the only one who brings value to your organization, have low trust, and are not coming close to maximizing your potential then The Noise Reduction System™ is a program that you might want to consider. View the recorded webinar to learn more about this powerful program!

The Noise Reduction System™ was created by Larry Linne from the award-winning book, Make the Noise Go Away – The Power of An Effective Second in Command.

Business “First-in-Commands” are finding the noise to be overwhelming in their lives and their businesses causing them to spend less than 20% of their time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization.

The book and now The Noise Reduction System™ are helping First in Commands reduce / eliminate the noise through a full developmental program for a Second-in-Command to help them reach 80% of their time doing what they do best.

CEO Potential Accelerator


What does productivity mean to you? CEO Productivity is the biggest factor of increased income, improved happiness, and improved life balance. However, the most common factors that keep them from productivity are “clarity of how they lead, not identifying their personal “why”, or motivators, not knowing their desired personal brand, not recognizing what they do best that brings the greatest value to others, not utilizing a team and Second-in-Command effectively, and not being purposeful about their productivity.

The CEO Potential Accelerator will walk the CEO through a resolution to all of these problems. It will help the CEO establish clarity on all problems and develop a plan to increase productivity and effectiveness.

My Exit Strategy™

How will you successfully leave the workplace?

My Exit Strategy™ is a program designed to help you and your baby boomers exit the workplace successfully. It has three elements:

• MyExit Plan™
• MyExit Agreement
• Knowledge Protection System™

MyExit Plan™ creates clarity and dialogue through three tools. It directs the retiring employee toward where they are heading vs what they are leaving. It gives them energy and excitement to move to the next phase of life.

MyExit Agreement is the conversation tool to help the employee and employer have the critical conversations that need to be had to help the retiring person have success in their last years on the job and into retirement.

Finally, the Knowledge Protection System™ is a tool to extract knowledge that will be lost when they leave. However, it is primarily a psychological tool used to help the exiting employee be “ok” with leaving because they have left their legacy and knowledge. Now it is ok to leave.

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Companies love bringing Intellectual Innovations in for their events and intimate workshops. Each presentation is 100% customized for the audience. We balance the power in the message with a bit of humor and storytelling which guarantees your audience will be captivated the entire time.

Popular Topics Include:


  • Innovation
  • First- & Second-in-Command Principles
  • Personal & Corporate Branding
  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Perpetuations & Exit Strategies

Executive Consulting

If you are a professional looking for one-on-one consulting, coaching or mentoring this solution may be for you. Our executive team takes a limited number of consulting clients per year. These arrangements can be done on a project basis or (typically) an in-depth relationship.

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Who is ii?

Intellectual Innovations was founded in 2010 to create intellectual property for businesses and individuals. We look at where they are powerless and struggling and bring solutions to make things easy for them. Our intellectual property comes in the form of books, tools, courses, executive consulting/coaching, and speaking.

Larry G. Linne

Founder & Chairman

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