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IP Creation Tool - Intellectual Innovations
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What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is something that makes you think differently about something. 

It improves a process. 

It improves a methodology.

It improves or changes the way a product is used or the way that it’s implemented.

It changes internal procedures.

It’s something that makes life or business better, and gets better results because of a different way of thinking, or by organizing the type of thinking that needs to happen to get to a certain result.

How are companies using IP?

Over the years, we have seen different companies create tools to make their business better – different training, different structures, the way they were going about business, and delivering results.

How did they accomplish that?

In most cases, they are taking old concepts or things they have done and have repackaged them. They have done some restructuring, renaming, putting some spin on it that all of a sudden creates the ability for somebody to act differently.

We believe if people think differently because of you, then you’ve accomplished something of value.

Into action

I’ve developed my own intellectual property over the years for my own companies as well as numerous clients. Now, I’ve repackaged the process and developed the IP Creation Tool. This is the same process I use to take different concepts, solve problems, and deliver them in a way that people are willing to pay for it. 

Ultimately, intellectual property, when it’s done properly is worth something.

The IP Creation Tool will help you organize what is in your head or organization and bring it into a tangible value piece. 

  • Starting with a Topic
  • The problem
  • The Why
  • The “crazy disruptive desired outcome”
  • Steps to execution
  • The design process
  • The naming process

Companies and individuals that figure out how to create intellectual property, package it effectively, and sell it… that’s where those in this world are making the most money today.

Figuring out ways to use products differently, better systems, more efficiency, productivity, and solving problems that other people can’t solve, that’s where the money is in today’s business world.

How to Access the IP Creation Tool

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