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Pat Sitkins

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Pat Sitkins is an authentic person who advises his clients with a mix of maturity and personality. As someone who has sat both on the client and consultant side of marketing for over 15 years, he is able to pull from his experiences in complex B2B settings to offer strategic advice to help build brand assets, manage reputations and win big with digital marketing.

After leaving a prior position as Partner & VP of an international consulting firm, Pat founded and built a Top 25 Fastest-Growing Marketing & Advertising Firm in the United States which he still leads today

He is also a partner at Cogent Advisors, an employee benefits and management consulting firm.

He has been featured in Rough Notes Magazine, Expert Marketing Magazine, IBM,, and more. He has also presented keynotes and breakouts at industry events like Inbound Marketing Week, NetVu, InCite Performance Group’s “Extreme Networking”, as well as other corporate retreats.


  • Husband & Father to 3 children
  • Ultra Endurance Athlete
  • Ocean, beach, and outdoor enthusiast
  • Former Co-Captain, Jacksonville University Baseball
  • B.S. Marketing from Jacksonville University
  • Native Floridian
  • Founder of Adaptive Jax
  • Host of “Dolphin Tales”
  • Co-Founder & CMO of Cogent Advisors
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